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Rome: Total War - Troy: Total War Mod for Windows

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An entertaining mod to a PC strategy classic

Rewind to 2004 and you'd find the newly released Rome: Total War capturing the imaginations of PC gamers all around the world. This is for good reason; it has since become regarded as one of the greatest video games ever, with successful releases for MacOS (2010) and iPad (2016) helping sustain its presence in the public eye. But if you've never tried this Troy: Total War mod, a fine addition to the strong base game, you're missing out.

The fate of Troy is in your hands

Whereas the main game begins around 270BCE, Troy: Total War takes players back to 1270BC when the city of Troy still stood tall, the center of an ancient civilization. The mod's creators have faithfully recreated this time period, with clear influence from the 2004 film Troy, just like Total War Saga: Troy. Will Troy flourish or fall? That's for you to decide.

A brand new set of factions and campaign map

As well as Troy you can play as Sparta, Athens, and other unique factions that set this mod apart from the base game while retaining the same style of gameplay. The cool new map focuses on Greece and the Agean sea. New units have also been developed, including fresh models, skins, and animations.

Experience a slice of history

Take control of unforgettable 'hero' characters such as Achilles and Hector in battle, adding to the historical fun. The 'hero' feature is unique to this mod; each faction has its own unique character who can almost single-handedly win you a battle, giving you a chance to experience history up close and personal.


  • Faithful recreation of its setting.
  • Strong presentation.
  • Addictive gameplay that has lost none of its magic.


  • Could have made a great standalone game.
  • Lack of horses not historically accurate.
  • Aside from small additions, there isn't much to set it apart gameplay-wise.


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Rome: Total War - Troy: Total War Mod


Rome: Total War - Troy: Total War Mod 4.5 for PC


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